The founders are two friends Paul and Melissa. Both have been through their own unique journeys in life, facing mental health challenges along the way.

In 2019, both Paul and Mel lost a loved one to suicide. They felt like they hit rock bottom and needed to start rebuilding themselves. Paul started using the Starting Five concept in his daily life and found motivation and value in setting goals to complete the smallest of activities. Paul introduced the idea to Mel who used the concept for herself and it quickly became part of her daily routine.

“If you want to change your art, change your habits”

Clement Greenberg

The Team


Paul’s vision for Starting Five came after losing a loved one to suicide. Going through that whole experience led to him wanting to support those who were also suffering with mental health and illness. As part of Paul’s recovery he implemented a daily 5 into his daily routine. By ticking off each task – hormones such as dopamine were being released helping him build positivity and motivation. Completing his daily 5 each day over a period of time was helping Paul form healthy habits, stay motivated, be proactive and search for the best version of himself. A year since introducing  the daily 5 concept into his life,  he’s now built healthy habits that support his journey.


Starting Five was introduced to Mel when her ex partner suicided. It was grief that made her confront trauma of sexual abuse and loss. Mel strongly believes that whilst you may not think childhood trauma has affected you, it can come out in your behaviours. For Mel these behaviours were evident through binge drinking and eating. Mel spent years thinking that her bad habits were part of her personality until she implemented Starting Five into her daily routine. By implementing a daily 5, it started a journey of self discovery. She was able to start replacing bad habits with good habits and make time for self care. By using a variety of self care tasks she was able to understand the triggers which caused her bad habits and it encouraged her to be present with those thoughts. The biggest lesson Mel learnt was humans are always changing but like anything, sometimes we need to have some support to encourage that change.

Breathing and Health Coach

Dean is a qualified and practising Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Holistic Health Coach and a Bondi Lifeguard. He has 20 years experience coaching both kids and adults in improving their health and performance. For the past four years, Dean has been facilitating Power of the Breath workshops and courses as a certified Wim Hof method instructor. 

Meditation and Health Coach

Erin Kyna is a globally recognised transformational teacher, leader, healer, yogi and certified life coach. Her soul focus is helping others turn fear into freedom through love and empowerment.  Erin has studied under a high calibre of wellness leaders including Dr Joe Dispenza, Matt Riemann and Brendon Burchard and was Lululemon’s first meditation ambassador in Australia.