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5 mins with…Starting Five’s Co-Founder, Mel

  5 min with Starting Five’s Co-Founder Mel Lionnet covering her ‘why’, her hope for Starting Five and more. I am a certified life coach, have a bachelor of business and am currently studying counselling and psychotherapy. I have now dedicated my life to helping people give up alcohol and implement positive daily habits.    Spend 5 mins getting to know more about Starting Five’s Co-Founder Mel...   What’s your [...]

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5 mins… with Starting Five’s Co-Founder, Paul Elderkin

  5 min with Starting Five’s Co-Founder Paul Elderkin covering his ‘why’, his hope for Starting Five and more.   Starting his career as a professional basketball player and coach, studying sport and health as an undergrad and then a masters in management, Starting Five Co-Founder Paul moved into project management and currently works at a digital tech company. But it’s his work with Starting Five where we find the [...]

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Why do we replace bad habits with other bad habits?

One year ago, I gave up drinking. A habit I thought I would never be able to break. People often ask me if I will ever drink again? I find it hard to comprehend why I would ever choose to drink again.  I talk about drinking as a habit rather than an addiction because it was not just the alcohol that made me crave a drink, it was the feeling [...]

2021-04-30T16:59:43+10:00By |Mind|

How do I STOP Negative Thoughts?

Are your negative thought patterns affecting your life? Are you making choices that are based on self-negative beliefs? It is all too easy to forget the positives and focus on the negatives. For years I believed that my negative thoughts were something I had to listen to. That these thoughts were part of my identity and I would build my life around them. Did I know I was doing this? [...]

2021-04-02T00:15:45+11:00By |Mind|

The relapse- why am I still drinking?

Alcohol, it was only yesterday I was confused about our relationship. I thought we could be casual, I thought having a relationship with you could be on my terms but I have quickly realised this is not possible. The worst is you make me hurt other people and myself. You aren't my friend, you are secretly trying to ruin me.  Well I just read that and it sounds, dramatic. To [...]

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