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About Paul Elderkin

After losing his partner to suicide in December, 2019. Paul is now using his experience to help raise awareness around mental health and illness. He is the Co Founder at Starting Five and has also created social media accounts where he shares his journey as he recovers as a surviver of suicide.
Instagram: @paulelderkin_

The ongoing road to recovery

This is a personal account of my road to recovery, an ongoing road that does not have a finish line. A road that will have its fair share of ups and down, of smiles and frowns, of happiness and sadness, and of loss and of love. December 2nd, 2019 was the day my life changed. The day I experienced, first hand, the severe and devastating impacts of mental illness. On [...]

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Losing a loved one to suicide

  When someone dies by suicide, there are many impacts for the survivors. The one story we'll never fully understand is the story of those who took their life. This is my story, as a survivor of losing a loved one to suicide. On the 2nd of December, 2019, I lost my partner. Someone I wanted to see experience all the joys of life and someone who had so much [...]

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S5’s Five Tips for Getting Back into Fitness

  New to fitness or taken a break due to Covid? Sometimes getting back into exercise and building habits after a period of time off can be quite challenging.  I know for me that the first few sessions back always seem quite overwhelming, my body feels weak, the thought of running, doing yoga, or lifting weights sucks the energy out of my body before I even get started. I can [...]

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Is it Time to Re-Evaluate

  My thoughts at the moment seem scattered. In fact, I think what’s happening right now may lead a lot of us to feel a bit scattered and uncertain. How are any of us supposed to have clarity given what has happened and is happening around us? While our individual challenges may look a little different, over the past few months we – as a global community – have faced [...]

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