The relapse- why am I still drinking?

Alcohol, it was only yesterday I was confused about our relationship. I thought we could be casual, I thought having a relationship with you could be on my terms but I have quickly realised this is not possible. The worst is you make me hurt other people and myself. You aren't my friend, you are secretly trying to ruin me.  Well I just read that and it sounds, dramatic. To [...]

2020-10-15T19:59:03+11:00By |Body, Mind|

S5’s Five Tips for Getting Back into Fitness

  New to fitness or taken a break due to Covid? Sometimes getting back into exercise and building habits after a period of time off can be quite challenging.  I know for me that the first few sessions back always seem quite overwhelming, my body feels weak, the thought of running, doing yoga, or lifting weights sucks the energy out of my body before I even get started. I can [...]

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