5 mins with…Starting Five’s Co-Founder, Mel

  5 min with Starting Five’s Co-Founder Mel Lionnet covering her ‘why’, her hope for Starting Five and more. I am a certified life coach, have a bachelor of business and am currently studying counselling and psychotherapy. I have now dedicated my life to helping people give up alcohol and implement positive daily habits.    Spend 5 mins getting to know more about Starting Five’s Co-Founder Mel...   What’s your [...]

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5 mins… with Starting Five’s Co-Founder, Paul Elderkin

  5 min with Starting Five’s Co-Founder Paul Elderkin covering his ‘why’, his hope for Starting Five and more.   Starting his career as a professional basketball player and coach, studying sport and health as an undergrad and then a masters in management, Starting Five Co-Founder Paul moved into project management and currently works at a digital tech company. But it’s his work with Starting Five where we find the [...]

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How you can Show the Earth Some Love, Every Day.

Dappled sun, gently crashing waves and the soft hum of a buzzing bee.  These senses and sounds surround us on a daily basis, but all too often our non-stop lifestyles prevent us from taking the time to notice the simple joys nature gifts us daily.  We take for granted the natural environments that surround us.  From tree lined streets to public gardens and the shade of a solitary gum tree, [...]

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Is it Time to Re-Evaluate

  My thoughts at the moment seem scattered. In fact, I think what’s happening right now may lead a lot of us to feel a bit scattered and uncertain. How are any of us supposed to have clarity given what has happened and is happening around us? While our individual challenges may look a little different, over the past few months we – as a global community – have faced [...]

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