Why do we replace bad habits with other bad habits?

One year ago, I gave up drinking. A habit I thought I would never be able to break. People often ask me if I will ever drink again? I find it hard to comprehend why I would ever choose to drink again.  I talk about drinking as a habit rather than an addiction because it was not just the alcohol that made me crave a drink, it was the feeling [...]

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The ongoing road to recovery

This is a personal account of my road to recovery, an ongoing road that does not have a finish line. A road that will have its fair share of ups and down, of smiles and frowns, of happiness and sadness, and of loss and of love. December 2nd, 2019 was the day my life changed. The day I experienced, first hand, the severe and devastating impacts of mental illness. On [...]

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How do I STOP Negative Thoughts?

Are your negative thought patterns affecting your life? Are you making choices that are based on self-negative beliefs? It is all too easy to forget the positives and focus on the negatives. For years I believed that my negative thoughts were something I had to listen to. That these thoughts were part of my identity and I would build my life around them. Did I know I was doing this? [...]

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The relapse- why am I still drinking?

Alcohol, it was only yesterday I was confused about our relationship. I thought we could be casual, I thought having a relationship with you could be on my terms but I have quickly realised this is not possible. The worst is you make me hurt other people and myself. You aren't my friend, you are secretly trying to ruin me.  Well I just read that and it sounds, dramatic. To [...]

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Losing a loved one to suicide

  When someone dies by suicide, there are many impacts for the survivors. The one story we'll never fully understand is the story of those who took their life. This is my story, as a survivor of losing a loved one to suicide. On the 2nd of December, 2019, I lost my partner. Someone I wanted to see experience all the joys of life and someone who had so much [...]

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