Important: Before you start

It is important that you consult with any medical professionals before using the Starting Five Habit Building App. Our Platform offers exercises across health and fitness, and whilst we are here to provide general support, this information should not replace any professional advice.

What is Starting Five?

Starting Five is a digital habit building app focusing on using a holistic approach of mental and physical health exercises to tick off your daily 5 checklist. The content provided is by experts in their field, this includes exercises across HIIT, strength, yoga, foam rolling, functional body movements. Mindfulness exercises such as meditations, breathing, and self care activities. Your journey is supported by our friendly team in our 24/7 community on fb. The app is accessible via iOS and Android platforms. 

I have a medical condition, I’m injured, I suffer from mental health and illness, I’m pregnant, can I still join Starting Five?

If you have an existing medical condition, are injured, suffer from mental health or illness, or are pregnant, please consult with a medical practitioner before beginning your Starting Five habit building journey. 

Can you explain my payment options to me?

The app is accessible for free. There is an option to upgrade within the app to our paid subscription service. To do this, your payment details for either Apple Pay or Google Play Store will be used to take payment. Payment terms for subscription can be set at monthly, quarterly, or annually. 

How do I upgrade my subscription?

How do I cancel my subscription?

How do I swap out an activity?

How do I set a reminder?

How to complete an activity without opening the activity

How do I unlock a tool kit item?

Do you have a community I can join?

How do I save an activity?

How do I access saved activities?

How do I change my saved activities?

How do I find a specific activity/workout?

How do I contact Starting Five?

How do I turn off the audio on workouts?

How do I plan days in the future?

How do I complete a day from the past if I forgot to tick off an activity?

I’m feeling really stressed or anxious, what should I do?

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How much data will Starting Five be using?

Can I get a refund if I cancel during the middle of subscription?

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